urban COFFEE lounge drinks are the best.  We offer house creations like the Cardamom Vanilla Latte or the beloved Truffle Mocha,  but we also please the trained palate with our straight shots of espresso, always pulled ristretto.

Barista's can train to prepare delicious beverages like a pro (and ours do), but if the recipes do not include premium raw ingredients, the drinks will only appear pretty. Our choices for what goes into the drinks on our menu were not only based on a shared requirement of high quality and consistency but the company's operating principles as well. We are especially proud to work with these three companies:


Stumptown Coffee Roasters 

What does Direct Trade mean to Stumptown?

"We don’t buy in bulk on a trading floor. We buy directly from the people who are making the coffee. It’s not a transaction; it’s a partnership. If someone is growing the quality of coffee we’re interested in, then we will help them in any way we can. That means regular visits (even though that trip can take up to four days), implementing new techniques and equipment, and forming long-term partnerships.

We shoot for sustainability, and not just in the environmental sense. A sustainable coffee producer is someone who is paid fairly for their incredible work and who can in turn encourage others to follow in their footsteps. A sustainable producer innovates, develops and improves cultivation and in turn can fetch even higher prices from Stumptown. The more each side of the partnership puts in, the better the coffee gets."

Dairy Products

Sunshine Dairy 

Sunshine Dairy sources fresh milk from family farms in the Willamette Valley, the Yakima Valley and Chehalis, Washington.   They have pledged not to use recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBST). Since the introduction of rBST in 1994, Sunshine has formed relationships with farmers who believe natural is better and make farming choices that support healthy cows and quality milk.

Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Tao Of Tea 

They are firm believers in the organic tea movement and have supported many small tea gardens and farmers to practice this style of agriculture. The tea industry in many parts of the world is known to use pesticides, often in high doses. Though the number is growing, only a small portion of tea gardens and tea farms are currently certified organic. The Tao of Tea is proud to offer one of the largest selections of certified organic teas in the United States.